Hands-On With The 2011 Cadence Watch Line

We’ve been talking about Cadence for a while now and I got the chance to sit down with Vanya Buvac, founder of the company watches and creator of some nice, inexpensive timepieces (including the

Cadence 4-Bit Watch Goes Chrono

<img src=""><a HREF="">Candence</a>, watches made famous for their unique "4-bi

Review: Cadence 4-Bit Watch

Short version: Simple, geeky, and clean, the Cadence 4-Bit watch is stylish without being gaudy. Priced right at $99, if you still wear a watch, this is definitely one to take a look at.

Review: Cadence Wrist Rocket digital sports watch

<img src="" />The Cadence Wrist Rocket is a digital sports watch, with a bit of a twist on the standard square design. It's everyt

Cadence launches the Wrist Rocket watch

<img src="" />Cadence announced their Wrist Rocket watch today, you may remember we told you about their <a href="