Hailo Hail-By-App Cab Service Makes It Stateside, Opens For Business In Boston

Hailo, the company that began life as an app for easily hailing and paying for black cab service in London less than a year ago, has now officially kicked off service in Boston, its first U.S. city. T

Charge your kids for making you drive them around

Do you have no-good, bratty, whiney kids who think the world revolves around them and make you drive them to all the cool hangouts around town just so they can avoid having to sit by themselves in the

EcoCabs: Environmental friendliness at 7.5 MPH

Part rickshaw, part cab, but all green — it’s the EcoCab. Come to think of it, “part cab” might be stretching it just a tad, since most cabs can, oh I don’t know, go on t

robuCAB: People-movers à la française

French company Robosoft has created an interesting infrastructure-less solution to transit in the city. The robuCAB is a little electric four-seater that uses a pair of cameras to monitor the area in

NYC Cabs Getting TV and Location Tracking

If you live in NYC like some of us, you know that cabs are nothing exciting. They’re just fast transportation (well, sometimes at least) from one point to another for when you’re drunk as a skunk.