When innovating stops making sense

If you listened carefully to business news last week you could hear the sound of a giant tree falling in a quiet forest. It happened when Rovi bought TiVo for $1.1 billion. It was a merger of convenie

FCC: The CableCARDS do nothing!

Remember CableCARDs? You probably don’t because most of us have never seen one. They were supposed to be a way to inject the magic of premium cable into OEM devices like PCs and DVRs. Instead th

CableCARD goes two-way with new specs

While CableCARD technology is still alien to most people, the development goes on. The latest advancements include two-way card communications, meaning that your CableCARD-powered devices can now comm

So Long CableCARD, Here Comes DTCP-IP

What if you could plug your klunky, rented Comcast DVR box into your home network and stream its recorded and on-demand content to the computer in the other room? Well you’ll soon be able t

Why Haven't CableCARD Home Theater PCs Taken Off?

Over at Zatz Not Funny, the greatest name ever for a blog, Zatz asks an important question: What’s up with CableCARD-ready PCs? Did they fall off the face of the planet, or are people just not e