cable modem

  • Cable modem hacker charged, pretends to be innocent

    According to documents obtained online, the owner of the website is facing federal charges for the sale and distribution of hacked cable modems. While he has multiple disclaimers on his website, they are all carefully worded and have a generous dose of *wink wink* applied. Read More

  • Comcast CEO Shows Off Dreamy Looks, Insanely Fast Modem

    In my experiences with ISPs, I’ve always found Comcast to be significantly better than Verizon. Now Comcast’s CEO and Prez Brian Roberts is really sticking it to the big V. Yesterday, he showed off a new cable modem that’s capable of downloading at an astounding 150 megabits/sec and uploading at…well, the report doesn’t say, but it sure as hell better be faster… Read More