Beep Beep! Car Service Aggregator Click A Taxi Raises $1.5M From Podio’s Tommy Ahlers, Expands In Europe

<a target="_blank" href="">Click A Taxi</a>, one of the many apps in the increasingly congested car-service apps market, is today announcing a couple of key developments that

Enthusiasts bring TouchFLO 3D interface to a bunch of additional HTC handsets

The crew over at XDA-developers never ceases to amaze. This time, they’ve managed to snatch a huge chunk of the look-and-feel from the TouchFLO 3D interface running on the HTC Touch Diamond and

EcoCabs: Environmental friendliness at 7.5 MPH

Part rickshaw, part cab, but all green — it’s the EcoCab. Come to think of it, “part cab” might be stretching it just a tad, since most cabs can, oh I don’t know, go on t

The Ultimate Geek Cab

Some of us have trouble pulling ourselves away from the computer and sometimes that can be OK. But if you need your fix of video gaming and Internet surfing and happen to live in Austin, Texas, you ma

NYC Taxis To Go High-Tech

I only use cabs in the city when I’m trying to get my mack on and I have no time for that silly subway. But if I should come across a situation where I need to use one, I’ll finally be abl