• Commodore 64 for the iPhone is back

    As you’ll recall, the C64 emulator for the iPhone was shut down by the App store for being too awesome. Apple has approved the app but took off the BASIC support. Not great but not bad, either. You can download the app here and this time there is no secret back door for enabling the BASIC emulator right in the app, which caused the emulator to run afoul of Apple’s draconian… Read More

  • C64 in a laptop case: Benheck has outdone himself

    Mr. Benheck has done it again. He dumped a fully-working Commodore 64 inside a laptop case that looks like it came out of a copy of Byte magazine circa 1989. He began by shaving down all the extraneous ports and inputs and even pulled off the power supply, making something that was 15″x10.5″. He then stuff it in with a 15″ LCD screen and then stuffed in a real C64… Read More

  • Guitar Hero Commodore 64 Interface

    I was never really good at Guitar Hero — too fast! Too much hard music! — but I think I could probably rock it on the C64 if they eventually ported/cloned it. After all, I was really good at Falcon Quest and that 20 questions program that we used to play back in grade school. Anyway, Toni’s Shredz64 is an effort to connect the Guitar Hero controller to a Commodore 64 using an… Read More

  • Programming Rocks!

    Feeling nostalgic for the simpler days of programming? Well apparently Kim Moser is. Moser has amassed a large collection of Commodore PET and Commodore 64 programs, which he’s dutifully transferring into video clips for YouTube-ians everywhere to take a gander. This, for example, was a program created to scare small children into thinking pumpkins can sing. No, I kid. It’s… Read More

  • Commodore 64 Emulator in Flash 9

    This is pretty damn cool. It’s a full C64 emulator built in Flash 9 and downloadable or runnable via the browsers. You can program in BASIC (Try:
    10 PRINT "BOOBS!";
    20 GOTO 10
    ) and there appear to be some game ROMS available as well. I have to download a Flash update to play with it, but it’s amazing that we’ve gotten to the point where the masturbatory haze of my teen… Read More