Forget Self-Destructing Messages, Buzz’s New App Offers Self-Destructing Connections

Today, there are a variety of apps to choose from if you just want to privately chat with friends or even place phone calls without having to give out your real phone number - for example, Google Voic

Motorola Teases With The New "Buzz" Tablet

CES 2011 is just around the corner and in a rare bit of intelligent marketing Motorola is showing off what appears to be a new tablet, probably called something like “Buzz,” judging by the

Why the hell does Google Buzz think I am Chris Messina?

Google is weird. I mean seriously weird. Or maybe it's just Google Buzz. With all the Facebook <a href="

Why On Earth Does Google Buzz Think I Am Chris Messina?

<img src="" alt="" />Google is weird. I mean seriously weird. Or maybe it's just Google Buzz. With all the Facebook <a href="http://eu.b

Google To Buzz Users: Are You Sure You're Not Oversharing?

<img class="shot2" src="" alt="" />When <a href="">Google</a> announced its big jump into the social stream with the <a href="h

Peek gets into the spirit and releases BuzzPeek

They did say that the company was working on “big stuff” but we didn’t think it would be this big. Buzz is after all everyone’s favorite social networking communication sharing

The Buzz Campaign

An interesting firefight broke out over the weekend as Google engineer DeWitt Clinton defended Google data policies in Buzz and related “open” standards. Those who remember the politics of

Already in Progress

If there’s anyone who has the inside track on Buzz and all things social media related, it’s TechCrunch super-reporter MG Siegler. He’s waited two weeks to weigh in on Buzz good bad

Benioff on Chatter: We're way ahead

Salesforce CEO and Chairman Marc Benioff unveiled the company’s realtime micromessaging technology as it went into a private beta with 100 customers. The press event featured a rather unique ske

Blame FriendFeed III

Well, lookee here, it’s Google with a FriendFeed clone just in time to ask the musical question: If FriendFeed sucks so much, why on earth is Google doing a for-profit version of it? While the p

We are ready for your Buzzes

<img src="">Hello! Always one to jump on the latest bandwagon, CrunchGear is fully Google Buzz compliant. You can follow us <a HREF="ht

Google Buzz Privacy Issues Have Real Life Implications

<img src="" class="shot2" />Merging something designed for public broadcasting (<a href="">Buzz<

The world is all a buzz over Google's new social networking service

Over-sharing the minutiae of your life is already difficult, so why complicate things with Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare when you only need one service to rule them all? That’s where Google B

Rid your iPhone/speaker set-up of the GSM buzz blues

Nothing kills a freeway Pandora jam session faster than the freaky-deaky alien speak that is GSM interference washing out your tunes. Once the pulsing of a GSM phone’s RF transmitter finds its w

The HQV HDTV Benchmark Disc

A true hi-def aficionado knows that just buying an HDTV and then getting drunk with your pals while you watch a Mets game is not the way to go when it comes to buying a new TV. Luckily, HQV shares the

WSJ Reporters Complain About Speaker Buzz Caused By Cellphones, World Listens

BZZZZZZ. That’s the sound that speakers spit out whenever a cellphone or smartphone is about to ring, receive a text message or, for you BlackBerry users, receive an e-mail. And the noise is ann