• Get Cash For All Your Electronic Junk At BuyMyTronics

    We’ve previously covered BuyMyBrokenIpod here and on CrunchGear. They paid reasonable amounts of cash for working or broken iPods, no questions asked. In our post, we checked their prices to eBay’s and they compared favorably, without the hassle of going through the auction process. Today the site has changed its name to BuyMyTronics, and they’ve increased the range of… Read More

  • Have An Old, Broken iPod? Get Cash For It Fast

    Sure, you can always sell those old iPods (working or not) on eBay, but it’s far easier to use BuyMyBrokeniPod, a site that promises to buy any model of iPod, working, broken or in between, with no questions asked. You even get an estimate of the price before you send it to them. Since launching earlier this year, the guys who run the site say they’ve purchased more than 1,000… Read More