• Rakuten-Owned CEO Neel Grover, COO Greg Giraudi Step Down [Memo]

    Rakuten-Owned CEO Neel Grover, COO Greg Giraudi Step Down [Memo]

    A changing of the guard at, which was bought by Japan’s Rakuten in May 2010. Long-serving executives CEO/president Neel Grover and COO Greg Giraudi are stepping down from their roles, effective September 1. Grover had been instrumental behind the sale of the e-commerce site to the Japanese giant for $250 million. The memo does not make clear why the pair are leaving, but it… Read More

  • Gets Acquired By Japanese E-Commerce Giant Rakuten For $250 Million

    When I covered Rakuten back in July last year, I called it “the biggest e-commerce site you never heard of”. And in fact, the eponymous Japanese company behind the B2B2C market place (which is currently used by over 33,000 Japanese merchants) generated less than 10% of total sales overseas at that time. But that’s about to change very soon. Rakuten (which, in its home market… Read More

  • selling unlocked iPhones for a price

    Don’t feel like dealing with jailbreaking you iPhone and killing iTunes updating? Got $799? has an iPhone for you. The retailer is now selling the Jesusphone fully unlocked and with a full Apple warranty. It isn’t cheap at 800 bones, but think about what you get without all the legal worries. Finally, the iPhone can now legally work on the T-Mobile network and travel abroad… Read More

  • CrunchDeal: Flip Video Ultra F260 for $89 (but it's refurbished, so…)

    Did you miss last week’s Woot for the $80 Flip? Fear not, citizen, for has the Flip Video Ultra F260 for $89.99. ( notes that it usually retails for $199.99.) It’s refurbished, meaning that if you give it as a gift it’s a sign that you really don’t love them person, so there’s that. Read More

  •'s Black Friday deals leaked

    We told you about a great deal from earlier today, and has spilled the kittens on what to expect from for Black Friday, and it’s pretty good stuff. Take, for example, the Slingbox PRO with HD cables bundle for $230, shipped, and a metric ton of Zune accessories. Have a look, pretend it’s Friday.’s Black Friday [blackfriday dot info] Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Noise canceling headphones, $15 shipped started offering its holiday savings early and one of the good deals is this pair of RCA HPNC250 noise canceling headphones. They carry a list price of $59.99 but you can get them for $14.99 with free shipping. If you’re a first-time Google Checkout user, you can get another $10 off. It’s quite possible that these aren’t the greatest headphones in the history of… Read More

  • Will Go Out Of Business Because Of This

    As Deleon and I waited for Entourage to come on last night, this commercial for popped on during some channel surfing. There were five of us in the room and for a total of 30-seconds, we all sat without saying a word watching the worst commercial for a website we’ve ever seen., because of this commercial, you will go out of business. There is simply no way anyone can take… Read More