• Buxfer's Founders Both Work For Facebook. Who Works For Buxfer?

    Buxfer is a social payments service that launched in 2007 as part of that class of new Y Combinator companies. The site is still live and working, but a user, Sean Leather, emailed us to say it’s a bit of a ghost town. The blog has been taken down and was last updated in 2009. The last tweet was on October 9, 2009, six days after their first tweet. And users are wondering if the site is… Read More

  • Tree.com Acquires Mint Competitor Thrive

    New York-based Loudwater Labs has sold the assets of its online personal finance management application Thrive to Tree.com (Nasdaq:TREE), the company behind services such as the formerly IAC-owned LendingTree and RealEstate.com. This means that the publicly listed Tree.com now has a very good resource in its hands as well as sufficient reach to give Mint and other personal finance management… Read More

  • Finnish Startup Scred Adds Another Way To Divvy Up Debts Between Friends

    Today, at the Next Web conference, I met the founders of Scred, a Finnish startup that lets friends manage their their debts to each other. Scred is an application that makes it easy to split up tabs at restaurants or bars. You can download a mobile version to your phone, for easy bill-splitting calculations after a few rounds. Competitors include BillMonk, Buxfer, and Obopay. But Scred has… Read More

  • Buxfer Adds Payments; Now Perfect For Settling Your Bar Tab

    Social payment service Buxfer has added peer to peer payments to its money management system. The payment system is supported through Amazon’s new Flexible Payments web service we reported on earlier. Buxfer is one of the first companies on the service’s private beta along with Jungle Disk, Freshbooks, and Beetlabs. Buxfer will be footing the bill for the 1-2% transaction fees till… Read More

  • Geezeo: Check Your Bank Account on the Go

    Geezeo Mobile is the first in a suite of mobile financial applications aimed at the 18 – 35 and student demographic. The new application Geezeo Mobile lets you check you banking balance on the go. To get started, you can sign into Geezeo by setting up an account with them, or using your existing Gmail user name and password. Once logged in, you can add your various bank accounts to… Read More

  • Demo Day: Y Combinator's Spring Chicks

    After Condé Nast, owner of Wired and other magazines/websites, acquired Y Combinator funded Reddit, people took notice. This wasn’t just some quirky incubator where they gave college students a few bucks to kick start their new companies (although it is that, too – their standard deal is $5000 + $5000 per founder, for 6%ish of the company) – real products were coming out of… Read More

  • Billmonk Has A Half Brother

    Social/mobile payments site Billmonk had a mini merger with competitor Obopay last month (we called it a “battle for relevance” since PayPal has a strong product offering in the mobile space as well). Buxfer is another social money Y Combinator funded company that softly launched last September. It provides the same basic functionality of Billmonk, such as keeping a running total… Read More