• Amazon debuts AmazonFresh Pickup, drive-up groceries delivered to your trunk

    Amazon debuts AmazonFresh Pickup, drive-up groceries delivered to your trunk

    Amazon’s grocery efforts just got a new level of convenience for shoppers: AmazonFresh Pickup, a drive-in grocery delivery right to your car’s trunk, launching in beta on Tuesday. Shoppers just order online from AmazonFresh’s selection, pick a time slot (as soon as 15 minutes after you make your order), and then drive to an AmazonFresh Pickup location and pull into a… Read More

  • ChouChou: Amazing robot butterfly in a jar (videos)

    We’ve shown you “robotic” butterflies before, but this one you can actually buy soon. The ChouChou looks a lot like the real thing, and it moves realistically, too. All you need to do is to tap the jar’s lid to make it start moving. Just have a look at the videos embedded below to see how it works. Read More

  • Review: WowWee Flytech Butterfly

    [blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/Aa_dPwA%5D It flies like a real butterfly! I was actually quite surprised at the build quality on this thing. Usually these sorts of things blow into a million pieces on the first day but the Flytech butterfly withstood quite a few crash landings during our trials. The dog also bit it a few times, which is usually the kiss of death for toys like this. Read More

  • Butterfly Cellphone, As Designed By a 15-Year-Old

    Again, cellphone concepts usually outclass actual cellphones all the time, but this one—the Butterfly—was designed by a 15-year-old Canadian kid. It’s part cellphone and part social networking device and has built-in Wi-Fi to surf the Web. All well and good to be sure, but the design itself is what’s so keen here. It opens at a 30-degree angle to reveal a 3.4-inch… Read More