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TravelPerk grabs $21M to make booking business trips suck less

TravelPerk, a Barcelona-based SaaS startup that’s built an end-to-end business travel platform, has closed a $21 million Series B round, led by Berlin-based Target Global and London’s Felix

Rocketrip raises $9 million to help companies save, employees make money on business travel

Rocketrip believes you can motivate employees to spend less on business travel by rewarding them with gift cards. For each trip, the startup establishes a “budget to beat” and helps employees spli

The Upcoming Shakeout In Travel Tech

The last few years have been a dizzying and heady time for travel startups, filled with mammoth funding rounds, high-profile acquisitions, and dramatic examples of young startups soaring past incumben

OLSET Raises $1.1 Million To Personalize Your Business Travel With Big Data

OLSET wants to make travel better for the business workers who are tasked with planning their own trips through online travel sites. And to do so, it’s just raised $1.1 million in seed funding.

Backed By Travel Veterans, Superfly Launches A “Mailbox For Travel” As It Shifts From Metasearch Into Big Data

Superfly <a href="">launched at TechCrunch Disrupt SF</a> in 2010 with plans to become the of travel, or more specifically, for your rewards an

Targeting Business Travelers, Rocketmiles Lets You Earn Miles For Hotel Stays, No Special Credit Card Needed

Over 25 million Americans participate in frequent-flyer programs that allow them to earn airline miles through flights and credit cards. Today, Chicago-based Rocketmiles is launching a service that wi

HomeAway Woos Hotel Haters, Debuts iPhone App

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Study shows business travelers prefer their BlackBerry to their loved ones

Outside of Thanksgiving, does this scene even remotely exist anymore? How much do you love your BlackBerry? Like, say, more than you love your spouse? As crazy as that sounds, it’s not too uncom