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Your startup pitch deck needs an operating plan

Money is the alpha and the omega of venture capital, and to be successful in raising money, you need to be able to speak that language.

UK scaleups should HMRC-proof their business plans before a slow, hot summer

HMRC’s Enterprise Investment and Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS and EIS) present one of the best ways to put investors at ease, as they offer tax-relief benefits to early-stage investors.

6 places where investors look for problems when you’re fundraising

It takes time and effort to gather, verify and package all this information for external review, so it helps to know what data and documents will be needed well before you enter the process.

Alexa von Tobel: Eliminating risk is the key to building a startup during an economic downturn

Launching a company, even in the best of times, is one of the most challenging exercises a person can go through. In an economic recession, it can seem downright impossible. But founders across the co

Winner's Curse: Why Losing A B-School Biz Plan Competition Is Better Than Winning

<img src="" width="215" height="143" /> One of the best things about being an academic is being able to mold young minds