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Uber launches Uber Health, a B2B ride-hailing platform for healthcare

Uber’s launching a new business line called Uber Health on Thursday that will provide a ride-hailing platform available specifically to healthcare providers, letting clinics, hospitals, rehab ce

Parachut is the perfect photography gear club for indecisive photographers

Photography is a more expensive hobby than a recreational drug habit, it is said. Whether that's true or not I wouldn't know, but Parachut, launching in beta today, is here to alleviate the burden a b

The Industrialist’s Dilemma

Aaron Levie Contributor Aaron Levie is the Chief Executive Officer of Box. More posts by this contributor Now the cloud wars (really) begin Enterprise Software’s Trillion-Dollar Opportunity  Robert

Bluefin’s Deb Roy Sees Twitter As The Shared Semiotic Bridge For All Live Experiences

Today at Wired's 2013 event in London, Twitter's Deb Roy (co-founder of TV social impact analytics firm Bluefin Labs, acquired by Twitter earlier this year), the MIT researcher discussed how his compa

Rakuten Global E-commerce Expansion Weighs Down Q2 Profits

The aggressive international expansion of Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten has continued to put pressure on the firm's bottom line but it is confident the "super sales" and B2B2C business model, popu

Dude Says Apple Really Considering Subscription iTunes

Another day, and as always, another Apple rumor. This time it involves the iTunes Music Store and Apple opening up a subscription-based service. If Les Ottolenghi, CEO of Intent Media Works or somethi