burnout paradise

  • Jimmy Fallon tests out Project Natal

    Did ya catch Jimmy Fallon last night? Well, he demoed Project Natal with Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunado and Jim from The Office. Not only was last night’s demo a bit more exciting than the E3 announcement, but it also showed off how Natal can be ported to racing games like Burnout Paradise. (Spoiler: You basically air drive the car with an imaginary steering wheel and peddles.) You… Read More

  • Video tour of Burnout Paradise's Big Surf Island

    Criterion hasn’t given up on Burnout Paradise even after outing Burnout Paradise: Cops and Robbers. The latest expansion pack adds a lot of real estate to the already huge world. Big Surf Island has 45 new billboards, 75 new Smashes, and even new vehicles to burn around town while working towards the new Island license. The demo video is a bit long-winded at 8:40, but if you’re a… Read More

  • Video: More info about Burnout Paradise: Cops and Robbers

    Oh MAN. I can’t wait for this Burnout Paradise expansion pack. The teaser video showed a few cars, but this 6:50 podcast shows a bunch. Still no word on the game play differences, but who cares! The cars are f’n sweet! Read More

  • Burnout Paradise Cops and Robbers better be good

    Tell you what. Burnout Paradise is a killer game and the next add-on shows promise on improving the already stellar game. I don’t know much about the addition but that it’s going to feature cop cars that in an ordinary world would be subject only to parade and show duty. In Paradise City however, supercars are needed to catch the Burnout Elite. Video after the break. Oh, and watch… Read More