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After another canceled year in the desert, Burning Man plans for a virtual event

Last month, the organization behind Burning Man announced that the festival/experience would not be returning to the desert of Nevada this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and would instead be attemp

Digitizing Burning Man

For decades, Burning Man has represented an escape from the current reality. An event for free-er spirits to rethink new age ideals inside a stateless entity where art, music and partying reign suprem

A startup’s guide to CES

The Consumer Electronics Show, like Burning Man, is a massive event in the middle of the desert. Also like Burning Man it is populated by some of the greatest minds in technology. But, unlike Burning

Burning Man: sympathy for the turnkey devil

The most interesting thing about Burning Man, says me, is that it’s a testbed for a post-scarcity society. The irony of course is that such a testbed requires enormous amounts of money and resou

Video: Larry Harvey and JP Barlow on Burning Man and tech culture

Larry Harvey, founder of the counterculture festival Burning Man, passed away this weekend. He was 70. Harvey created a movement and contributed to the flowering both of counter-culture and, ultimatel

At Burning Man while your startup burns

There's a difference between clearing your head, and ditching your dying startup to do drugs in the desert. If your ship is sailing smoothly, a vacation full of solitary introspection and artful inspi

Bitcoin, Burning Man And The Gifting Economy

Bitcoin was a terrible investment this year, but that hasn’t stopped non-profits from asking for them anyway. Wikipedia, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Khan Academy and now even Burning Man wil

Google’s Skybox Satellites Shoot GIFs Of Burning Man Being Built

Google bought Skybox Imaging for $500 million, and the micro-satellite company’s most recent mission was…to take photos of Burning Man. Skybox repeatedly flew its satellites over Burning

11 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

On the eve of Disrupt, we reflect on the top stories from 8/30-9/5. Here are the 11 best stories from the past week. We announced the full agenda for Disrupt SF. We also put together a massive gallery

Burning Man Founders Admit The Festival Has Jumped The Shark But That’s Okay

The stories of billionaires flying into Burning Man on private jets with hired sherpas, body guards turning people away from VIP art cars and private glamp camps going for $25K in dues seems to be on

Is Burning Man Just Work?

It’s that time of year again. Summer is over for most people and has just begun for San Francisco. And this week, the city becomes emptier than a VC parking lot at 5pm as many of SF’s denizens hea

Tech Elites Aren’t Ruining Burning Man. They Get Their Hands Dirty, Too.

Don’t believe the hate. While it’s a juicy narrative that rich people spoil everything the common folk hold dear, there are plenty of tech bigwigs at Burning Man that work hard to contribute and e

The Mediated Life Is Not Worth Living

I spent last week in <a target="_blank" href="http://burningman.com/">Black Rock City</a>, where on Saturday night I and 60,000 others stood within a ring of hundreds of vehicles transformed into spec

Ridejoy Will Roll Out Drivers’ License Verification, Re-Launch ‘BurningManRides’ On Tuesday

Seeking to stand out in a crowded field of questionably differentiable ride-sharing companies, Ridejoy will release digital identification verification for driver’s licenses and passports on Tuesday

Watch Burning Man Appear And Disappear

I've sadly (??) never been to burning man, but this time-lapse footage of the playa over five weeks is pretty inspiring. First you see a small group of folks begininning to set things up and then, whe