Burger King

Google Home has stopped answering to that annoying Burger King ad

The internet barely had time to be annoyed for that new 15 second Burger King ad before Google shut the whole thing down. A little over two hours after the fast food giant took the wraps off of a TV s

Your Edgy Startup Idea Is Stupid

First it was glitter and dicks. Then it was on-demand everything. Then it was breasts. Startups, please: stop. 2015 has been the year of the awful idea. It began early on this year with a number of se

With McD’s Using Apple Pay, PayPal Scoops Up Burger King For Fast Mobile Sales

A short code for a Whopper, or a tap for a Big Mac? On the heels of McDonald's working with Apple to let iPhone users buy Big Macs and more using Apple Pay, PayPal -- Apple's burgeoning rival in payme

The real life Burger King Windows 7 Whopper is a disgusting joke to humanity

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/51.jpg">OMG. When I asked our Japanese readers to send in a pic of the Burger King Windows 7 burger, I was half hoping that it really did

The Windows 7 Burger King Whopper is gross

Look at that monster burger. It’s five inches tall and of course is made with seven beef patties in honor of Windows 7. What’s the message here? Eat this burger to feel as slow and bloated

Linux loves netbooks

Microsoft won the war over home PC market share a long time ago with their Windows OS. Apple has of course made strides, but despite its popularity, Microsoft retains its stranglehold. However, with t

Grease thief thieves grease, cops cop fop

Why can’t anyone take a dignified mugshot anymore? This man, David Richardson, was arrested for trying to steal used cooking grease from a Burger King. He was to use the grease for his biofuel W

Who Doesn't Love 42-Ounce Halo 3-Themed Soda?

Microsoft launches Halo 3 on September 25, just seven weeks from now, and boy does it plan on marketing the hell out of it. It’s lined up several partners so that, wherever you go, you’ll

Burger King Games Match Gears Of War Sales

Remember when I said it wouldn’t be a big surprise if those Burger King games for the Xbox 360 sold like crazy? Well, it happened. The games have been out for a little less than a month, but the