• Investor Austin Hill Cashes Out Of BumpTop And Standout Jobs On The Same Day

    It is only Monday, but Canadian seed investor and serial entrepreneur Austin Hill is having a pretty good week. Two of his portfolio startups were acquired this week. The biggest exit was BumpTop, which Google snapped up for a rumored $25 million to $35 million. Hill was one of the first seed investors in BumpTop, which raised less than $2 million total. BumpTop’s 3D desktop interface… Read More

  • Something Is Brewing At BumpTop, Possible Google Acquisition (Update: Confirmed)

    Something Is Brewing At BumpTop, Possible Google Acquisition (Update: Confirmed)

    Update: BumpTop now confirms it was acquired by Google, terms were not disclosed. Rumors are swirling that 3D desktop interface Canadian startup BumpTop has been acquired by Google. We started getting tips yesterday pointing to a now-deleted Tweet from a Canadian VC saying Google had acquired them. ¬†When I called CEO Anand Agarawala on Friday to ask if BumpTop was acquired, he responded… Read More

  • BumpTop Goes Multi-Touch. Um, Awesome.

    What if the desktop on your computer was just like your actual desktop? That’s the core idea behind BumpTop, a really nice looking graphical overlay for Windows-based operating systems. But as cool as BumpTop looked, you still had to use your mouse and keyboard to manipulate it. As I made clear yesterday, I want those to die. So good news for me today: BumpTop is adding multi-touch support. Read More

  • Bumptop: A better Windows desktop

    VBeat has an interesting article on BumpTop, a Windows overlay that adds a little 3D to the Windows desktop that moves all the crap you don’t really use – widgets and the like – to a set of 3D walls and stacks up files and folders a la OS X stacks. Read More