• Bump Pay Lets You PayPal Someone With A Tap, But Only In-Person

    Bump Pay Lets You PayPal Someone With A Tap, But Only In-Person

    Now it’s as easy as a fist-pound to pay a friend back for dinner, drinks, or a cab. Bump, the popular contact sharing app developer, today releases a new standalone iOS app called Bump Pay that lets you transfer money via PayPal to anyone in arm’s reach. But that’s also Bump Pay’s biggest limitation. Unlike Venmo where you send money to any phone number near or far… Read More

  • Death To Feature Creep! Bump 3.0 Dumps All But Contacts and Photo Sharing

    Death To Feature Creep! Bump 3.0 Dumps All But Contacts and Photo Sharing

    more, More, MORE. STOP! Rather than cram more features into Bump 3.0, the team behind the 75 million-installs mobile app combed the data and brushed off all the features no one used. Now, instead of letting you wirelessly share apps, music, and calendar events with nearby devices, it only allows contacts and photo sharing. That’s a better user experience, and examples other developers… Read More

  • David Lieb's Advice for Founders

    (Founder Stories) Bump’s David Lieb: “Stop Thinking & Just Go Build It”

    Bump co-founder, David Lieb launched an app that’s secured roughly $20 million in funding and has been downloaded approximately 60-million times. In his final Founder Stories interview with host Chris Dixon, Lieb predicts the next hot sector, discusses hiring employees and dishes out advice for future founders. He’s seen too many founders suffer from “analysis… Read More

  • Bump's David Lieb on Solving Problems

    (Founder Stories) Bump’s David Lieb: “We Want To Build That New UI Layer For The Real World”

    Seeking a way to reduce friction while exchanging contact information, David Lieb and his two co-founders launched Bump – a service that allows users to trade personal data (and an array of items spanning calendar events to music samples) by simply tapping their smartphones together. In part II of his Founder Stories interview, Lieb notes there is bigger picture at play than just… Read More

  • Bump's David Lieb on Luck and Growth

    (Founder Stories) Bump’s David Lieb On Getting To 60 Million Downloads

    In his first Founder Stories interview with host Chris Dixon, Bump co-founder and CEO, David Lieb relates how he conceived the idea for Bump one week into business school at the University of Chicago. He met co-founder, Jake Mintz at the same time and along with their third co-founder, Andy Huibers began building on “nights and weekends” during “the fall of 2008.”… Read More

  • Matias Duarte On iOS Vs. Android Looks: “Why Are Sicilians More Handsome Than Other Gentleman?”

    Matias Duarte On iOS Vs. Android Looks: “Why Are Sicilians More Handsome Than Other Gentleman?”

    Today during our Mobile First CrunchUp in Palo Alto, CA, our own Jason Kincaid led a panel focused on designing the mobile experience. On the panel were Bump’s Jake Mintz, Soundtracking’s Steve Jang, and Google’s Matias Duarte (the Director of User Experience for Android). Not surprisingly, much of the talk was iOS versus Android. Such is the state of the mobile world… Read More

  • The P2P Evolution

    The P2P Evolution

    Many years ago, after graduating college, I came home before moving to NYC, wondering how I would scrounge together the money for the first month’s rent and security deposit so my friends and I could all live together in the Big Apple. I had one month to get the cash, and instead of going out for traditional, hourly-wage work, I decided to go through all of my old stuff and throw it on eBay. Read More

  • Bump Founder Talks Rapid Growth, Push Notifications

    The two-year trajectory of Bump Technologies, the designers of the app that makes it easy to swap contact information, music, and other data between mobile devices, is a somewhat interesting case study in the evolution of early-stage app startups. Speaking from the DEMO Conference today in Palm Springs, Founder Jake Mintz told the audience that Bump started as a “nights and weekends… Read More

  • Fred Wilson on Going After New Opportunities

    (Founder Stories) Fred Wilson Explains Why He Wouldn't Invest In Groupon Or Pandora

    Few VCs have a hotter hand right now than Fred Wilson. His firm, Union Square Ventures, is an investor in Twitter, Zynga, Foursquare, Tumblr, Etsy, Clickable, and more . In this episode of Founder Stories, he talks to host Chris Dixon about Union Square’s investment thesis has changed from going after all web apps to companies that are “building a large networks of engaged… Read More

  • Bump Now Lets You Swap App Recommendations With A Tap

    You can tell a lot about a person from their mobile app library. Are they avid Doodle Jumpers, or do they prefer to challenge their wits with a few rounds of Civilization? Do they stretch their vocal chords to the beats of T-Pain or Glee’s background choir? You get the idea. Given how much time people spend building out their app libraries, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise… Read More

  • Bump Raises $16 Million Round Led By Andreessen Horowitz

    If you’ve got an iPhone or Android device, there’s a decent chance you’re familiar with Bump, the nifty service that lets you swap contact information (and other data) by simply tapping two phones together. The service has been around since 2009, and now has 7 million active users across 25 million total installs on Android and iOS devices. And today Bump has some big… Read More