• The Tale Of the Littlest Jedi: Bullied Girl Gets Star Wars Love

    Katie Goldman is a cute little first grader who lives in Evanston, Illinois. She’s 7 years old and loves Star Wars. For a while she carried her Star Wars water bottle to school and then, one morning, she asked for the pink one instead. She told her mother that some kids at school had bullied her, telling her that Star Wars was for boys. Heartbroken, she resolved to fix the problem by… Read More

  • Got any suggestions for dealing with IT bullies?

    Eric Spiegel’s got an interesting article about an IT bully at his previous place of employment along with three tips about how to deal with IT bullies. The first tip is to try to establish a conversational relationship — connect with the other person on a non-work level. The second tip is to wow this person with a flash of IT brilliance — gain a little geek… Read More