• Software Patents Are Bullshit Crunch Network

    Software Patents Are Bullshit

    “Patents are enshrined in the U.S. Constitution for a single purpose: to promote the progress of science and useful arts.” Alas, when it comes to software, it is difficult to imagine a system worse at this than the current one. Everyone knows this–and most people will readily admit it–but no one, with the possible eventual exception of the Supreme Court, is willing to… Read More

  • Here’s To The Death Of “Personal Branding” On The Internet

    Here’s To The Death Of “Personal Branding” On The Internet

    I’m not exactly sure who made being a “personal brand” a thing on the Internet, but I’d really like to sit down with them and ask them why they thought that it was a good idea. You see, an entire ecosystem of people looking to make money have cropped up around this notion of helping people become a “brand.” Honestly, it’s bull, and I’d like to see… Read More

  • Analysts say wireless charging is pointless without super capacitors

    Well, despite the fact that the wireless charging system for the Palm Pre is popular and functional, the analysts at Strategy Analytics say that it’s pointless. Come again? Read More

  • CEA members don't like carting away garbage, try to beat NYC recycling laws

    The CEA represents the CE industry and runs CES. The CE industry likes to make and ship thing but it doesn’t like to recycle them. Therefore, in the proud tradition of astroturfing, it’s fighting back against New York City Local Laws 13 and 21 of 2008 which, in a nutshell, says that all CE manufacturers must pick up and recycle broken or obsolete equipment. Obviously CE… Read More