Bullpen Capital

  • The Micro VC Shakeout Crunch Network

    The Micro VC Shakeout

    When we started Bullpen Capital in 2011, there were about 30 or so “microVC” or “micro-seed” funds — and we knew them all. Today, four years later, there are likely over 220 micro VC funds and growing. In fact, I joke with my partners that “we will likely get to 400 before we go back to 40.” That line always elicits a nervous laughter, as it captures… Read More

  • Bullpen Capital's Duncan Davidson on the Lean Finance Model

    The Lean Finance Model Of Venture Capital

    The venture capital industry is going through a ton of disruptions lately. One of the better explanations I’ve heard recently of what is going on comes from Duncan Davidson, a managing partner at Bullpen Capital who gave a great talk on the subject at TechCrunch Tokyo last week. I interviewed him backstage on video, where he summarized his views. Just as there are now legions of… Read More

  • If this Conference Room Table Could Talk… (TCTV)

    Earlier this week, we did a post on a new venture firm called Bullpen Capital, and if you checked out the CrunchBase profiles of the three founders you saw a pretty wide depth of experience. Paul Martino has started four companies, most recently Aggregate Knowledge, and he was one of the first investors in Zynga. Duncan Davidson was most recently managing partner for the Leviathan-like… Read More

  • Why Bullpen Capital Thinks We Need Another Venture Fund (TCTV)

    Why Bullpen Capital Thinks We Need Another Venture Fund (TCTV)

    The decade-long glut of funding in the venture business is finally getting unwound as LPs get choosier and choosier about which venture funds to keep backing. Meanwhile, venture capitalists slogging it out with the new breed of super angels, striving to get in the hottest deals at remotely reasonable prices would probably argue there’s little room in the market for a new firm… Read More