• DIY lightbulb hooks

    This might be a little to ambitious for most of us desk jockeys, but Instructables has instructions for creating your own cement-filled lightbulb wall hook that you can create for fun and profit. Note: You do not actually leave the glass part of the bulb intact. At the end of the experiment you break the glass off and then stick the huge lag bolts into your wall. The results, needless to say… Read More

  • Video: Your next lightbulb?

    http://i.zdnet.com/flash/cnb_video.swf It’s the size of a Tic Tac, but it puts out as much light as an average street lamp. It uses new kinds of technology that’s vastly more efficient than the lights in your house now. If these guys can find a way to make it affordable, I’m the first in line. Read More

  • Ontario to Ban Edison's Folly

    Ontario, a place to live and a place to grow, is outlawing incandescent bulbs in 2012 in a move to encourage energy savings on a national scale. The switch would save six million megawatt hours per yer. The ban wouldn’t effect special use cases, like medicine, and will encourage the use of compact florescents that use 75 percent less energy than the older incandescent bulbs. Good on… Read More