Microsoft Adds Auto Scaling To Windows Azure

At its Build developer conference today, Microsoft announced that it is adding auto scaling for web apps to its Azure cloud-computing platform. This will allow developers to dynamically scale their cl

Windows Azure Web Sites, Mobile Services Now Generally Available

Microsoft has announced general availability of Windows Azure Web Site and Mobile Service, accentuating the emphasis on development using the Azure cloud service. According to Microsoft, Windows Az

Microsoft Adds Bootstrap Support To Visual Studio 2013

At its Build developer conference today, Microsoft <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> that it has a

Windows Azure Now Stores 8.5 Trillion Data Objects, Manages 900K Transactions Per Second

Microsoft announced at the Build conference today that Windows Azure now has 8.5 trillion objects stored on its infrastructure. The company also announced the following: Customers do 900,000 storage t

Microsoft Confirms IE11 Will Support Google’s SPDY Protocol

In a press briefing this afternoon, Microsoft announced that <a target="_blank" href="">Internet Explorer 11</a> will support <a target=

Windows 8.1’s Start Button Isn’t A Start Button

The <a target="_blank" href="">headlines</a> are loud and clear today. Microsoft brings back the Start Button in Windows 8! Huzzah! ZONG! But don't believe

New Microsoft Visual Studio Features Show Importance Of Windows Azure, Developing For Connected Devices

Microsoft showed the new Visual Studio 2013 at the Build conference today. The new integrated development environment (IDE) features include performance tools for power consumption, asynchronous calls

Microsoft Opens Up Bing As A Platform For Developers

At its Build developer conference today, Microsoft announced that it is opening up quite a bit of Bing‘s advanced functionality to developers. As Microsoft corporate VP Gurdeep Singh Pall noted,

Microsoft Will Bring 3D Imagery To Bing Maps For Windows 8.1, Will Launch With 100 Cities

Microsoft just announced that the Bing Maps app for Windows 8.1 will offer 3D imagery, just like Google Maps and Apple Maps. This previously unannounced feature, Microsoft’s corporate VP Gurdeep

With Windows 8.1, Microsoft Wants To Own The Kitchen, As Well As The Living Room And The Office

Microsoft is adding a bunch of new things to Windows 8.1, as the first part of its "rapid release" plan for its desktop OS. One aspect of the update is the new Food and Drink app for Windows 8, which

Microsoft (Finally) Confirms WebGL Support For Internet Explorer 11

Our own Frederic Lardinois noted that the new version of Internet Explorer<a href="

Microsoft Adds 3D Printing Support To Windows 8.1 For Developers, Replicator 2 Coming To MS Stores

Microsoft is doing its bit to help push forward the 3D printing revolution, by adding in native 3D printer support in Windows 8.1. A new API will let developers on its platform put 3D printing capabil

Microsoft’s New Camera App For Windows 8.1 Lets You Take Photo Sphere-Like Panoramas

With its Windows 8.1 Preview, Microsoft today also launched a new version of its camera app. For the most part, the app hasn't really changed all that much, but Microsoft has added a cool (though deri

Xbox Music For Windows 8.1 Preview Adds Pandora-Like Radio Feature

One of the redesigned apps Microsoft is introducing in the Windows 8.1 Preview is an update to its Xbox Music app that now puts the emphasis back on your own music – whether in the cloud or on y

Windows 8.1 Preview Gets Redesigned Windows Store With Automatic App Updates And Bing-Powered Recommendations

For the Windows 8.1 Preview, Microsoft took a close look at its Windows Store and decided to give it a facelift and make a few changes to the way the operating system handles Store apps. Windows Store

Microsoft Launches Windows 8.1 Preview With Start Button, Deep SkyDrive Integration, Smarter Search Tool & More

Microsoft today officially launched Windows 8.1 Preview, the first public beta of its flagship operating system's next version, at its Build developer conference in San Francisco today. For Microsoft,

Watch Microsoft Unveil Windows 8.1 Preview Live Here

Microsoft is kicking off its Build developer conference today at 9am. The company has already announced that it will unveil Windows 8.1 in a Preview version today, but beyond that, though, we actually