Huzzah, Visual Studio for Mac is now available to all

After a few months in preview form, Visual Studio for Mac is now officially officially available. This version of Microsoft's flagship development tool is based on the cross-platform IDE from Xamarin,

Microsoft touts 500 million Windows 10 devices active monthly

There's nothing wrong with tooting your own horn a bit when you hit a number like 500 million, and that's what Microsoft did this morning to kick off its Build developer conference. That's the company

Watch the Microsoft Build 2017 keynote live right here

Microsoft is holding its annual Build developer conference this week and the company is kicking off the event with its inaugural keynote this morning. You can watch the live stream right here. The key

Sorry, Oculus, but HoloLens gets my money

The battle between headsets you strap to your heads is being brought to a rolling boil this week, as Microsoft's HoloLens Dev Kit and Oculus Rift both start shipping to customers. Being a lover of cut

Xamarin CEO Nat Friedman on getting acquired by Microsoft

Microsoft announced in February its plans to acquire the cross-platform development platform Xamarin; the deal closed about two weeks ago. Even though the ink on the contracts has barely dried, Micros

Microsoft’s new tools let businesses integrate Skype into their own web and mobile apps

Following yesterday’s news about bringing bots to the Skype platform, Microsoft today unveiled two more SDKs for its Skype platform that will allow businesses and application developers a way to

Microsoft’s DocumentDB now lets you use your mad MongoDB skills

Are you fluent in <a target="_blank" href="">MongoDB</a>? Well today is your lucky day. Microsoft’s NoSQL document database service <a target="_blank" href="https://azure.micr

Microsoft now lets developers embed Power BI visualizations into their own apps

Power BI is Microsoft's tool for analyzing data and building interactive data-based dashboards and reports. At its Build developer conference in San Francisco, the company today announced the preview

Microsoft’s Azure Service Fabric microservice platform hits general availability

Microsoft today removed the “preview” label from Azure Service Fabric, its service for building and running both stateful and stateless Docker-based microservices in the cloud and on-pr

Even Microsoft’s own presenters have given up on Windows Phone

Sitting through all the keynotes at Microsoft's Build, there's one giant gaping hole in the coverage: Windows Phone was barely mentioned. In fact, it seems like the keynote speakers were actively avoi

Thanks to Microsoft, small teams can now get Xamarin’s IDE and core tools for free

Microsoft acquired the cross-platform iOS, Android and OS X development service Xamarin last month, and the new acquisition is already at the center of attention at Microsoft's annual Build developer

Microsoft celebrates strong Azure adoption at Build 2016

Microsoft's Azure cloud services are growing at an increasing clip, and at the company's Build conference today, it showed off some of the numbers it for the past year. At last year's conference, Micr

Watch the Microsoft Build 2016 Day 2 keynote live right here

Microsoft is holding its <a target="_blank" href="">annual Build developer conference</a> in San Francisco this week and after focusing on Windows, Xbox, HoloLens, and Cort

Here’s what happened at Microsoft’s Build keynote

We’ve been at Microsoft’s Build conference all day, getting up close and personal with the latest and greatest from Microsoft . With announcements about Xbox, Cortana, Windows 10, new deve

Microsoft demos next-generation image-captioning Captionbot

The power of the cloud is a bit fuzzy to most of us, but Microsoft wants to improve that by giving developers a series of API tools it has dubbed Cognitive Services to make their software far smarter,

Microsoft introduces the Desktop App Converter for bringing Win32 apps to the Windows Store

In an announcement met by hoots and hollers from the developers at Build, Microsoft introduced the 'Centennial' desktop app converter. With this, developers can convert their Win32 and .NET apps into

Microsoft extends its Windows Hello login security features to apps and the web

Being able to log in to an app with the help of the fingerprint scanner is quickly becoming a standard feature on mobile. But while Windows PCs and laptops have long had fingerprint scanners to allow

Microsoft now lets you turn any Xbox One into a development kit

The Xbox One is about to become a far more interesting (and accessible) platform for indie game developers -- and regular users will soon be able to use their console to chat with Microsoft's Cortana

Microsoft is bringing the Bash shell to Windows 10

Here is an announcement from Microsoft Build you probably didn’t see coming: Microsoft today announced that it is bringing the GNU project’s Bash shell to Windows. Bash (Bourne Again SHel

Microsoft is bringing improved pen support to Windows 10

Windows 10 and early versions of Windows have long supported pen input. For the most part, though, that support was relegated to specific apps. As the company announced at its Build developers conf
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