• Review: The Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt HD-PATU3

    Review: The Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt HD-PATU3

    Reviewing a drive isn’t very exciting. What can you say? “It contains a storage medium, is small, and surprisingly light.” Thankfully, the Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt can add one important point to that litany of mundanity – a Thunderbolt port and cable that jacks the read and write speed up to amazing levels – thereby turning a ho-hum review into a real… Read More

  • Buffalo Launches First Ever BDXL Portable Blu-ray Burner

    Buffalo just outed their new portable BDXL Blu-ray writer, the BRXL-PC6U2-BK drive. BDXL is the new Blu-ray spec that can store up to 100 GB on three layers and 128 GB on four. The burner can operate at speeds of up to 4x using 2 USB 2.0 ports and 2x using only one. Read More

  • MiniStation: Stick Buffalo's New HDD Onto The Back Of Your TV

    It’s hard to “innovate” when you’re a maker of hard discs, but Japanese company Buffalo had an idea: why not offer a model users can stick to the back of the TV? The so-called MiniStation [JP] is supposed to make it possible to record programs directly onto the HDD via USB (if supported by the TV) and save some space at the same time. Read More

  • Buffalo Busts Out Four USB 3.0 Memory Sticks

    USB 3.0 is slowly but surely making its way into the mainstream. Buffalo in Japan today announced [JP] a total of four memory sticks with USB 3.0, with 8, 16, 32 and 64GB on board. The new devices only support Windows XP/Vista/7 machines though (you’ll get just USB 2.0 speed for Macs). Read More

  • Pioneer And Buffalo Show World's First BDXL-compatible PC Blu-Ray Burners

    BDXL is now entering the computer market, too. Pioneer Japan today announced [JP] the BDR-206MBK, the world’s first Blu-ray burner for PCs supporting the new format. The internal device is compatible to BD-R XL discs with three (100GB) or four layers (128GB) and BD-RE XL discs with 3 layers (100GB). Read More

  • Buffalo Japan Announces Portable 3D Blu-ray Disc Drive

    It’s 3D everywhere lately. This time, it’s PC accessory maker Buffalo, which announced [JP] a portable drive for 3D Blu-ray discs today. Just plug the BP3D-PI6U2-BK into your computer via USB to view 3D Blu-ray movies (not that there are many at this point) or other 3D content, provided you have a 3D-enabled PC or display. Read More

  • Buffalo Japan to release four new SSDs, six HDDs and two NASes

    Buffalo announced a slew of new SSDs [JP], HDDs [JP] and NASes [JP] in Japan today, all of which might soon be available outside this country, too. Available with 32GB ($160)/64GB ($230)/128GB ($440) and 256GB ($840/build-to-order) on board, the four 2.5-inch SSDs are part of the Buffalo SHD-NSU2 series (pictured above). All of these SATA devices support Windows XP/Vista/7 andMac OS X 10.5… Read More

  • Buffalo boards the USB 3.0 train with the MiniStation Cobalt

    The Western Digital MyBook 3.0 and Seagate BlackArmor PS110 have company. No longer are those two hard drives tasked with holding up USB 3.0’s banner because the Buffalo MiniStation Cobalt is launching in April and is ready to help along the cause. Read More

  • Buffalo announces "women-only" USB sticks

    Are you a woman? Are you sick of seeing all those manly USB sticks around you every day? Then these four new models announced [JP] by Buffalo in Japan today might be right for you. Read More

  • Japan gets slew of new USB 3.0 external HDDs

    Computer equipment maker Buffalo is pretty bullish about USB 3.0. The company today announced a total of five new USB 3.0 HDDs for the Japanese market, namely two “compact models” [JP] (81×130×16mm) and three bigger (45×175×156mm) devices [JP]. The HD-PEU3-BK (pictured above), the compact type, will be available in a version that holds 500 GB (price: $200) and another one… Read More

  • World's first 4-port USB 3.0 hub is here

    USB 3.0 is poised to become mainstream soon, and more and more compatible devices have been cropping up in the last few months. Today computer equipment maker Buffalo in Japan has announced [JP] what it claims to be the world’s first 4-port USB 3.0. This comes five weeks after VIA (based out of Taiwan) has unveiled the first USB 3.0 hub controller in the industry. Read More

  • Buffalo announces two Sony-licensed external HDDs for the PS3

    We covered a slick new external HDD presented by Buffalo Japan just a few days ago, and now the same company announced [JP] the same HD-AV2.0TU2 (pictured above) was “officially licensed” by Sony as a PS3-compatible hard disc. The HDD is joined by another model, the HD-CL500U2/SC, which also received the green light from big S. Read More

  • Buffalo Japan sells very pretty external HDD

    If you ever wanted to watch movies stored on your computer (you know, the ones you legally downloaded from the web earlier) in style, Buffalo might have the right device for you. Their HD-AV2.0TU2 [JP], an external HDD, is currently Japan-only, but the company sells a good number of external storage solutions in other countries, for example the US, too (which means this new HDD might… Read More

  • Buffalo announces world's first USB 3.0 ExpressCard adapter

    USB 3.0 is slowly advancing, and Japan-based computer accessory maker Buffalo emerges as the leading company in its space. After having announced the world’s first USB 3.0-powered Blu-ray burner just last month, they today unveiled the first ExpressCard adapter [JP] that’s based on USB 3.0. The IFC-EC2U3/UC works with Windows 7 and Vista (32bit and 34 bit). It’s also… Read More

  • Buffalo announces world's first 12x Blu-ray burner (and it's USB 3.0, too)

    USB 3.0 is just around the corner (kind of), and the first computer hardware manufacturers are getting ready to deliver products supporting the new standard (even though there were some backlashes along the way). Last month, Asus announced the world’s first USB 3.0 + SATA 6.0 PCI-E card. In May, NEC said they’re going to release the first USB 3.0 host controller. Read More

  • Buffalo mayor beats the trousers off his opponent by promising new flat screen TVs to seniors

    What’s the best way to ensure that you win the Buffalo mayoral primary? Why, by promising an entire voting bloc brand new flat screen TVs! Byron W. Brown just won the Democratic primary (he’s unopposed in November, so this victory means he just won the mayorship), and you can see him here (around the 50 second mark) promising to help seniors out by installing a new TV. Read More

  • Buffalo Thumbkey flash drives upped to 16GB

    Who doesn’t love the Buffalo Thumbkey Flash Drives? They are so small that they fit snuggly into a USB port with only a little stub sticking out. They’re great. Well, the flash drives just got better now that Buffalo is producing these in 16GB sizes. They should be the perfect companion for a netbook, UMPC, or even a standard notebook. We just wish they wouldn’t have a… Read More

  • Buffalo introduces a super-slim 16GB thumb drive

    Thin is in! The RUF2-KL, introduced in Japan, would be your run-of-the-mill 16GB thumb drive, if it weren’t for the fact that it’s only 8mm thick. (0.315 inches) The lilliputian thumb drive is expected to sell for about 5980 Yen ($70). Since Buffalo claims they’re not selling flash memory here, it’s unclear if it will hit state-side. Read More

  • Buffalo LinkStation 240GB SSD

    It seems like the price/value ratio of the SSD drives is slowly improving. The Buffalo LS-WSS240GL/R1 costs about 1200$ and has an appealing 240GB of storage. It provides USB, RAID 0, 1 and DLMA/iTunes server capabilities while you can turn the whole thing off when you turn your computer off. Don’t get too excited although because the 240GB is actually two 120GB SSD’s next to… Read More

  • Buffalo Allowed to sell wireless products again (for now)

    Earlier, Buffalo Inc. and Buffalo Technology, makers of external hard drives, monitors and other computer peripherals were sued by Australian science agency CSIRO who alleged that Buffalo’s Wi-Fi Products infringed on their U.S. Patent 5,487,069. This led to the district court issuing an injunction, ordering Buffalo to stop selling its allegedly infringing Wi-Fi products. In… Read More

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