Nothing will launch earbuds and a smartwatch under its new budget line, CMF

Nothing has always brushed off suggestions that it releases budget devices. The London-based hardware startup prefers to position itself as a lifestyle — or even fashion — brand, with desi

UK Spring Budget: Chancellor plans £1M annual AI prize, quantum investments and a new £900M ‘exascale’ computer

The U.K.’s Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt’s spring budget — delivered on the same day that teachers, transportation workers, civil servants and others were on strike across

Google’s Pixel 6a is a budget device with the heart of a flagship

It’s probably hyperbole to credit Google’s Pixel A devices for single-handedly keeping the broader line alive during some admittedly lean times. Let’s be honest, much of that goes to Google’s

New Redmi Pro gives Xiaomi’s budget smartphone line a touch of class

Xiaomi dropped a surprise today when it outed its first laptop -- perhaps predictably a cheap rival to Apple's Macbook -- at an event in Beijing, but it also made a more routine reveal: the Redmi Pro.

Startup Budgets And Timing Burn: Are Founders Winging It?

Allocating startup capital is hard -- but more importantly, it’s key to successfully raising your next round. Which tools are founders using to build a strategic financial plan? With cash in the ban

Low-Cost iPhone’s Plastic Case Shows Up In Alleged Video And Photo Leak

Apple is said to be preparing a lower cost iPhone for later this year, with a plastic shell instead of its typical recipe of metal and glass to lower component costs. Now a site called Techdy, which 

I can't tell if this HDD rack is awesome or budget

It’s a hard drive rack. You puts your hard drives in the cases, and it stores your datas on the disks. Is hard to understand? Yes, maybe, if there is a switch that lets you choose the RAID mode

Microsoft to offer limited XP to low-cost PC makers

Microsoft has unveiled a plan under which a somewhat crippled version of XP will be made available to the makers of low-cost PCs like the Eee PC and XO laptop. I’m not sure how I feel about this

Mars Rover Mars Rover, it's over it's over

It’s times like this I wish we really did just have the rovers on a sound stage or somewhere in the desert. Unfortunately, we really did fire a freaking rocket, loaded with robots, into space, w

Alcatel Unveils Cellphone On The Cheap

Not every consumer is looking for the latest, greatest iphone out there. That’s why when carriers still give people basic options as far as hardware-selection goes, it’s always a win. I me

DIY: Light Tents On the Cheap

By no stretch of the imagination do I consider myself a photographer, but I am trying to get better and learn as much as possible. As I get products to review I find myself looking at different areas

Back-to-School Tech Shopping on a Budget

If there’s one thing Josh Goldman knows, it’s that two queens means no smoking. If there’s a second thing that Josh Goldman knows, it’s how to shop for tech on a budget, which

HP Shipping LCD and Plasmas on the Cheap

The HP TVs we saw back at CES are finally shipping and it’s a good thing because I’m actually looking for a new HDTV and HP has a 1080p LCD TV in the line-up. Sweet. A nice mix of 720p and 1080p i

Toshiba Unveils Inexpensive Notebook With Expensive Features

Toshiba has its ups and downs with notebooks, but the Satellite A135-S4527 looks like a pretty solid deal overall. Expected to hit retail stores this week for under $800 total, the A135 comes with som

Acer's Low-Cost, Vista-Equipped TravelMate Laptop

Vista may cost a lot for what it is, but Acer’s TravelMate 2480-2779 laptop is quite the bargain. For around $540, you’ll nab a 14-inch widescreen display along with Vista Home Basic and s