Buddy Beacon

  • The Shuttle from Virgin Mobile blasts off today

    In yesterday’s press release concerning the relaunching of Helio, there was a brief mention of a new handset dubbed the Shuttle but no details were included. Today we find out that the phone is really a 3G Virgin Mobile branded slider loaded with 1.3 megapixel camera, Facebook app, stereo Bluetooth and Helio’s software suite, including Buddy Beacon. The new phone could be yours… Read More

  • Buddy Beacon expands beyond Helio to other carriers, iPhone, and Facebook

    [photopress:sluttypeter.jpg,full,center] One of the most-hyped, if under-used, features on Helio phones is the Buddy Beacon. Using the phones’ integrated GPS, you can use it to update your friends as to where you are, and request they do the same. The downside is they all had to be Helio members. But Helio sold Buddy Beacon to uLocate, who’s expanding the application to Sprint… Read More