Long Journey For BubbleShare Ends In The Deadpool

<img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/bubbleshare1-215x161.jpg" width="215" height="161" />Canadian photo sharing startup <a href="http://www.bubbleshare.com/">BubbleShare</a> will

BubbleShare Finally Gets Its Payday

After a previous flirtation with Fox Interactive that ended abrubtly, Toronto-based BubbleShare finally found a buyer who’ll love them forever. Today they announced their acquisition by Kaboose

BubbleShare, Counting Unhatched Chickens

We previously reported that Toronto based BubbleShare was in acquisition discussion with News Corp., through their Fox Interactive subsidiary. The initial rumors came out of two Toronto-area blogs (he

News Corp. Looking At BubbleShare – No Deal Yet

Toronto-based photo sharing site BubbleShare, which we’ve followed since its December 2005 launch, has been involved in aquisition talks with News Corp., the parent company to MySpace, according

BubbleShare Live brings screen sharing to photos

Toronto based photo sharing site BubbleShare launched a demo today of a new service that may help differentiate themselves in the incredibly crowded photo sharing space. Called BubbleShare Live, the s

The Flickr Gunners

Flickr wasn’t the first photo sharing site, and it isn’t the most popular. In fact, it isn’t even the most popular photo sharing site owned by Yahoo – this is. But Flickr caugh

BubbleShare adds Ajax Zoom feature

Toronto based BubbleShare, which may be the best photo sharing site on the web, has released a really cool new Ajax feature that I think is worth talking about. It’s called BubbleZoom, and CEO A

BubbleShare – Best Photo Service Yet?

Toronto-based online photo sharing BubbleShare is just wonderful, and ridiculously easy to use. Their interface team deserves a gold star or something, because I don’t think I’ve ever used