Latest episode of ‘Bubbleproof’ showcases a partnership with unusual terms

Silicon Valley is a land of ideation and thinkfluence and Qi drinks with tapioca mushroom protein. In this fourth episode of Bubbleproof, an original mockumentary series on the influence and ignorance

Episode 3 of ‘Bubbleproof’ sets out to disrupt venture

Silicon Valley doings are easy to make fun of, which is what the mockumentary web series Bubbleproof is trying to do. The series follows Michael Fertik and David Cowan in their pursuit of a new ventur

The second episode of ‘Bubbleproof’ focuses on an investor left in the dark

Bubbleproof is a mockumentary web series following Michael Fertik and David Cowan (as played by their real-life founder/VC counterparts) as they try to navigate a new venture. In this second episode,

The first episode of ‘Bubbleproof’ sets the stage for chaos on Sand Hill Road

Bubbleproof is a new mockumentary series following the misadventures of Reputation.com founder Michael Fertik and venture capitalist David Cowan as they launch a new fund. Watch the first episode of

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We're excited to be premiering a new mockumentary series about the startup world; watch the first seven episodes of Bubbleproof right here on TechCrunch.