• Google Countersues UK Telco BT Over Patent Infringement In Its Conferencing and IP Quality Of Service Products

    Google Countersues UK Telco BT Over Patent Infringement In Its Conferencing and IP Quality Of Service Products

    Google today stepped up its battle to protect its patents, with the latest target a countersuit against BT, the UK incumbent telecoms carrier, along with Ipanema Technologies, which resells some of BT’s services. The suit relates to four patents that Google says are being infringed by services that BT runs over its IP network, specifically relating to its conferencing services and quality… Read More

  • BT hits 2 million hotspots thanks to its crowdsourced WiFi network

    BT has announced that its UK WiFi network now boasts over two million hotspots, making it the number one provider in Blighty. Additionally, the Telco says that it’s added more than 780,000 hotspots in the last six months to meet demand of users of smartphones, laptops, tablets, iPods and e-readers. Yes it seems that we Brits love our WiFi. It’s worth noting, however, that BT… Read More

  • London Underground To Get Wi-Fi To Prep For 2012 Olympics

    The London Underground, commonly known as the Tube, will be getting Wi-Fi. There will be a six-month trial period beginning on November 1 at the Charing Cross station. Read More

  • BT making a comeback in the mobile services world, makes me LMAO

    I find it quite laughable that BT is making its return to the mobile market with a “BlackBerry-style smart-phone” considering that device is the HTC Dash, which is a dinosaur here in the States. The service itself dubbed Total Broadband Anywhere seems akin to T-Mobile’s HotSpot@Home service. Actually, it is the same thing. The other device being rolled out with BT’s… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile to Lose Mobile TV Offerings

    As we reported last week Virgin Mobile was pulling the plug on Movio, the under-performing Mobile TV branch that was launched through a partnership with BT using the DAB TV standard. Now with the partnership dissolved it seems that Virgin Mobile will likely discontinue sales and production of the Lobster 700TV mobile handset, which had been the carrier’s flagship mobile TV device. Read More

  • PSP to Become Cellphone in UK Thanks to BT

    Sony is teaming up with BT in the UK to transform the PSP into a cellphone of sorts, letting users hop onto BT hotspots (or their own personal WANs) ’round the country and make phone and video calls. Sony is expected to release a microphone and camera in the UK “soon,” which would facilitate the PSP Phone. BT picked the PSP because of its screen and audio capabilities. How… Read More

  • plans visual search expansion

    Following its recent launch, visual search engine plans to release a specially designed interface for market-specific sectors. Yakov Sadchikov, co-founder and CEO of Quintura (picture by Darren Straight), told TCUKI today: “As a next step, we are going to release Quintura’s visual navigation/search web services for Women and for Kids.” Sadchikov recently… Read More

  • "I don't believe it" but BT Vision to go live on Monday.

    BT announced today that their IPTV solution, BT Vision will finally launch on 4th December which nicely coincides with the recent announcements about the rollout of BT’s 21CN network in Cardiff. As yet BT have not announced their pricing strategy for BT Vision, but given Sky’s lead in the home entertainment market and their announcement today of Sky Anytime (previously Sky by… Read More

  • Adam Curry announces the BT Podshow partnership

    BT will announce today that is has partnered with the Podshow which is run by the “PodFather” himself Adam Curry, a former MTV VJ and one of podcasting’s inventors, to create the BTPodshow. The PodShow Podcast Network was formed in 2005 by Adam Curry and Ron Bloom. It hosts many popular personalities and shows including Curry’s own program “the daily source… Read More