Watch how Apollo 11 set the course for Apple’s alternate history space race TV drama

One of the shows coming to Apple’s forthcoming streaming original content video service, Apple TV+, is “For All Mankind,” a series led by showrunner Ronald D. Moore, whose most notab

Watch the Caprica pilot online right now (if you have Hulu access)

<img src="">There's a good chance that if you wanted to see the Caprica pilot, you already did. It's been available on DVD and torr

Maxim proves Cylons can be kinda sexy

<img src=""><a href="">Battlestar Galactica</a> nerds, Maxim is counting on you to buy its latest mag. P

The latest Stargate Universe trailer clearly shows someone watched BSG

Oh man, Stargate Universe launches on October 2nd. I can’t wait even though the latest trailer shows that the show has clearly taken a more edgy stance, which in my mind at least, isn’t wh

Pre-order Battlestar Galactica Blu-ray set on Amazon for $219

<img src="">It's going to take a serious <a href="">BSG</a> fan to spend $219 on the comple

Battlestar Galactica somewhat confirmed coming to Blu-ray

Battlestar Galactica was meant for high-def. Thankfully, Universal has somewhat confirmed that the series will be available in its entirety on Blu-ray sometime soon via the Caprica DVD.

Luck o' the Cylons

While most folks will be drinking crappy green beer today pretending that they have some Irish heritage, some members of the cast of Battlestar Galactica will be heading to the United Nations in New Y

CSI finally coming to Blu-ray

<img src=""><em>CSI</em> helped defined HD in its early years and now it will finally be available on Blu-ray. T

Holy frak! A Cylon pumpkin kit!

This BSG Cylon kit might be old, but who cares! It’s eff’n sweet. Just buy this $17.99 kit and bust out your Boy Scout carving skills.┬áBest geeky pumpkin ever.┬áBeats my Pac-man carvings