The Business Software Alliance Would Like You To Stop Pirating Software

<img src="" />The Business Software Alliance wants you to stop pirating software. A fair request, sure, particularly coming from the B

Software piracy cost companies $51 billion last year

<img src="" />Got an interesting e-mail a few hours ago detailing software piracy losses from the year 2009, also known as "last year." The

Video: ‘To Catch a Pirate’ is like ‘To Catch a Predator,’ only with pirates

Fight piracy by being a snitch

<img src="">Psst, buddy! Wanna make a quick $3,200? All you need to do is rat out someone you know who's illegally using commercial

BSA Offers $1 million Reward for Pirates, New CG Contest Announced!

While we here at CG don’t condone piracy, we’re always trying to find new and interesting businesses and individuals who might pirate video games and applications. To that end, we’re

BSA: Azerbaijan Tops in Piracy, Cotton, Rice, Grapes

The Business Software Alliance — the Ladies Against Women of the IT set — found out that the average Azerbaijani has over $250 worth of pirated software on his or her computer. Second in t