bruce sterling

  • Keen On… Bruce Sterling: What Comes After the Future? (TCTV)

    So what comes after the future? I asked Bruce Sterling at SXSW. But, for Bruce, the future is really the past. “I like narratives,” he told me, while explaining why the most “effective” futurists are good historians. So perhaps, using this logic, what comes after the future is history. And Bruce is certainly an effective futurist as well as a good historian. Which is… Read More

  • Keen On… Bruce Sterling: “Network Society Isn’t Compatible With Democracy” (TCTV)

    Appropriately, Bruce Sterling closed SXSW this year. It’s appropriate because after Bruce, there really isn’t much to say. He’s just about the smartest and funniest historical science fictional writer in the business. And the edgiest too – even though he’s built a professorial façade to disguise the punk in him. So it was a huge honor to catch the darkly… Read More

  • Bruce Sterling on Design

    BoingBoing is rocking the found content today. They found a good interview with SF superstar Bruce Sterling talking about Sci Fi and design. Watch through to about 1:30 where he starts talking about payphones, things he calls “little fortresses.” He gets kind of weird after that, but his point is clear: design has a narrative and sometimes that narrative is hostile. Good… Read More