• Browster in DeadPool

    San Francisco based Browster definitely appears to be dead, as GigaOm reported earlier this week. I have been unable to get a confirmation (or any response) from emails sent to CEO Scott Milener and one of the investors in the company, and the site has been up and down (mostly down) for the last few days. Browster’s browser plugin let uses preview sites on search results and some other… Read More

  • Browster 2.0 makes MySpace easier to use

    Browser plug in Browster released version 2.0 of its product this weekend and is aiming to make MySpace profiles easier to view. A Windows download for IE and Firefox, Browster preloads pages from search results and provides a live minibrowser when inserted lightning bolts are hovered over. The new version also offers a live search box supporting a number of web, blog and shopping search… Read More

  • Update – Browster (Firefox surging ahead)

    Company: Browster
    Previous Profiles: July 13, 2005 & August 3, 2005 Scott Milener, the CEO of Browster, just left a very interesting comment on our last Browster posting. After supporting Firefox for only a couple of weeks (actually, about a week), it accounts for 1/3 of total downloads: thanks for posting and for the kind words about Browster. We’re really happy to be… Read More

  • Update – Browster (for Firefox)

    Company: Browster
    Previous Profile: July 13, 2005 What’s New? Browster announced Browster 1.0 for Firefox today. See our previous profile for more information on what Browster does. From their Press Release: “SAN FRANCISCO , Calif. , August 2, 2005 – Browster, Inc. today announces
    availability of its flagship product, Browster 1.0, as an extension for the Mozilla Firefox… Read More

  • Profile – Browster

    Company: Browster Launch Date: Beta in February 2005, Version 1.0 launched today, July 13, 2005 What is it? Browster is a tool, available only for IE (damn, I just lost half of my readers right there) that pre-fetches content from links on a web page, and makes that content available by mousing-over the link. Too see it visually click here. So we dusted off IE (used only for FTP these… Read More