Browster in DeadPool

San Francisco based Browster definitely appears to be dead, as GigaOm reported earlier this week. I have been unable to get a confirmation (or any response) from emails sent to CEO Scott Milener and o

Browster 2.0 makes MySpace easier to use

Browser plug in Browster released version 2.0 of its product this weekend and is aiming to make MySpace profiles easier to view. A Windows download for IE and Firefox, Browster preloads pages from sea

Update – Browster (Firefox surging ahead)

Company: Browster Previous Profiles: July 13, 2005 & August 3, 2005 Scott Milener, the CEO of Browster, just left a very interesting comment on our last Browster posting. After supporting Firefox

Update – Browster (for Firefox)

Company: Browster Previous Profile: July 13, 2005 What’s New? Browster announced Browster 1.0 for Firefox today. See our previous profile for more information on what Browster does. From their P

Profile – Browster

Company: Browster Launch Date: Beta in February 2005, Version 1.0 launched today, July 13, 2005 What is it? Browster is a tool, available only for IE (damn, I just lost half of my readers right there)