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Island emerges from stealth with a new enterprise-focused web browser

Island, a Dallas-based startup that has built a Chromium-based browser for the enterprise, has emerged from stealth with almost $100 million in funding. Island claims its aptly-named Enterprise Browse

So long, Internet Explorer, and your decades of security bugs

Pour one out for Internet Explorer, the long-enduring internet browser that’s been the butt of countless jokes about its speed, reliability and, probably most notable of all, security, which wil

Apple, Opera and Yandex fix browser address bar spoofing bugs, but millions more still left vulnerable

Year after year, phishing remains one of the most popular and effective ways for attackers to steal your passwords. As users, we’re mostly trained to spot the telltale signs of a phishing site,

The Geography of HTML5 Security

<strong>Editor’s note:</strong> <em>This guest post was written by Mike Shema, director of engineering at <a target="_blank" href="">Qualys</a>, a leading provider of cloud secu