Instagram tests a ‘Live Producer’ tool that lets you go live from a desktop using streaming software

Instagram is testing a new Live Producer tool that allows broadcasters to go live from a desktop using streaming software, such as OBS, Streamyard and Streamlabs. The Meta-owned company told TechCrunc

100M Live Broadcasts In, Periscope Streams New Life Into Your Twitter Feed

Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming app, has played around in the outskirts of Twitter, with nothing more than a screenshot and link being shared when you see a stream pop up in your timeline. T

GoPro Teams Up With The NHL To Bring Action Cams To Live Hockey Broadcasts

I’m Canadian so I get to bring you the following news: GoPro is partnering with the NHL and NHLPA to incorporate GoPro footage into live broadcasts of professional hockey games. The team-up mark Launches Broadcasts, Push-Based Custom Newsletters Engineered For Mobile is fairly well-known for reinventing itself. The whole point of the business, according to founder and CEO Dalton Caldwell, is to take its core API and show what can be done with that with pro

Bluefin’s Deb Roy Sees Twitter As The Shared Semiotic Bridge For All Live Experiences

Today at Wired's 2013 event in London, Twitter's Deb Roy (co-founder of TV social impact analytics firm Bluefin Labs, acquired by Twitter earlier this year), the MIT researcher discussed how his compa