• Yevvo For iPhone Debuts A New Take On Live Broadcasting

    Yevvo For iPhone Debuts A New Take On Live Broadcasting

    Newly launched mobile broadcasting app Yevvo has a different idea about how live mobile video apps should work. Instead of focusing only on a social model where users find and follow other people on the service, Yevvo users can also follow places in the real world, as well as events. Beyond its own walls, the app mainly targets the Twitter ecosystem and is designed to be push-button simple. Read More

  • “Twitter For Audio” App Spreaker Now Live On Android

    “Twitter For Audio” App Spreaker Now Live On Android

    About a month after its iOS debut, the self-described “Twitter for audio” app Spreaker is now publicly launching Android. The app, which lets users broadcast live over the Internet, is a DIY broadcasting/podcasting solution with social sharing mechanisms built in. You connect the app to your Twitter and Facebook accounts to broadcast live as a status update. Afterwards, you can… Read More

  • TwitCasting lets you stream live video and tweet simultaneously from your iPhone

    Late last year, Ustream and qik launched iPhone applications that let you stream videos from the iPhone to the web and allow others to watch them as they’re being recorded. And now there is an iPhone app called TwitCasting Live (iTunes link), which offers the same basic functionality, but is – as the name suggests – much deeper integrated into Twitter. The free app is… Read More

  • Utagoe Live 100 Is FriendFeed for Video Streams

    If FriendFeed displayed only video, it might look like Utagoe Live 100. The service lets you track live video streams from all of your friends on one screen. Tokyo-based Utagoe just launched it as a hub for broadcasting and watching multiple, free live video streams simultaneously (from sites like Qik, Ustream, etc.), video-based chatting and conferencing. Aiming mainly at the U.S. Read More

  • Sirius Live Earth Feed Came From XM

    For anyone who thought that merging XM and Sirius together would be a royal pain in the ass, this is the proof that it’ll be as easy as Kevin Bacon landing a role in a crappy flick. Seems XM was set up with over 60 crew members at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ and London for Live Earth. The crew taped all the music and conducted several interviews which were then broadcast… Read More