• Brits Believe They'll Soon Be On The Moon

    One in ten Englishmen and Women believe that one day Brits will routinely vacation on the moon, bringing their Carling beers and jolly demeanors to the verdant plains of that satellites’ firmament by at least 2020. 40% of them believe, also, that there will be a tunnel between the US and the UK. And they say that ecstasy doesn’t damage the brain. Read More

  • Acronym soup: M600 gets CESG CAPS for HMG

    Don’t you just love security product announcements? They’re full of acronyms you’ve seen but can never remember the meaning of, like FIPS and DPA and HMG. The news in the press release below is that a new encrypted USB stick has been formally approved for British government use by the British government. The M600 from MXI Security has a “dedicated hardware security… Read More

  • Science continues to improve our lives with new unbreakable pint glass

    As a homebrewing enthusiast, I’m constantly trying to improve my process and my equipment. I’m busy making a DIY bottle tree to dry my bottles right now. The British, quite probably the world’s best drinkers, have been hard at work improving the vessel of beer delivery, the pint glass. Two new shatter-proof glasses have been unveiled by the British Home Office, designed… Read More

  • Study shows CCTVs have almost no effect on crime rate

    The UK has the world’s highest density of CCTVs, which are mainly used as tools to fight crime. But now an “international research network” called The Campbell Collabaration claims the 4.2 million cameras installed in that country almost have no effect. A pattern seems to slowly emerge. Read More

  • The Queen has a new Web site, too bad it hardly works

    Can’t get enough of British Royalty for some reason? So much so that you’d not only visit their Web site, on the Internet, but you’d sift through old photos of the Queen of the Realm, through the years? Consider yourself the luckiest person(s) alive, for the Royal Family (is that a proper noun?) has re-launched its Internet Web site presence. YouTube videos, Google Maps… Read More

  • Watch out for fake Nintendos this Christmas

    Fake Nintendo DS and DS Lite game consoles are being seized by British customs. Potentially dangerous power adapters that do not meet stringent British power standards are cited as a potential source of serious injury. These products are being purchased from websites based in Asia at a 50 percent discount. So this holiday season if you are going to buy a DS and a website is offering it for a… Read More

  • BT making a comeback in the mobile services world, makes me LMAO

    I find it quite laughable that BT is making its return to the mobile market with a “BlackBerry-style smart-phone” considering that device is the HTC Dash, which is a dinosaur here in the States. The service itself dubbed Total Broadband Anywhere seems akin to T-Mobile’s HotSpot@Home service. Actually, it is the same thing. The other device being rolled out with BT’s… Read More

  • Online store offers Linux Eee PC + Microsoft Office

    If you’re a fan of Linux, you probably also really love Microsoft Office, right? That’s what British online retailer BT Shop is betting with a bundle that includes the new Linux version of the Asus Eee 900 and a copy of Office Home and Student Edition, according to The Register. The bundle only saves each buyer less than two British pounds, Microsoft Office doesn’t work… Read More

  • Small towns in the UK want to be removed from GPS databases

    Several small towns in Britain have a problem with GPS. You know how when you’re using a GPS device and you program the shortest route? Many times, the shortest route between Point A and Point B runs right through these small towns, and these towns aren’t built to accommodate the larger commercial trucks: trucks get stuck in the small towns’ small roads, get caught… Read More

  • DRM to kick the can by next summer?

    Say what you will about DRM. It was there for a reason and now the walls are slowly beginning to crumble. EMI has started the movement and the other labels are sure to follow. DRM hurt sales and everyone knows it. According to British retailer 7Digital, DRM-free sales have outnumbered DRM shackled music 4:1. But this isn’t to say that this is the sole reason for declining revenue in… Read More

  • British Orchestra To Perform Concert In Second Life

    Yahoo! News really needs to get the facts straight. It’s currently saying that the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra will be playing the first professional concert in Second Life. Hmm, that’s funny. This Google search shows that Duran Duran and Suzanne Vega have already performed in-game. Seems like a bunch of crap, unless you don’t consider Duran Duran “professional… Read More

  • GPS-enabled Rings for Tech Saavy Tourists

    If you want to look like you know where you’re going, but you don’t want to deal with jocks making fun of your GPS-enabled street-walking device, you’ll soon be able to let a pair of ladylike purple rings be your guide. Let’s see jocks try to make fun of ladylike purple rings, ha! Read More

  • Dangers of Wi-Fi Should be Reevaluated, Possibly More Harmful Than Previosuly Indicated

    W-Fi could be a lot more dangerous to children’s health than previously thought, says a British health agency. The guy behind the call to arms, Sir William Stewart, points to evidence that shows signal strength from a Wi-Fi router at a distance of one meter is stronger than a cellphone tower’s at a distance of 100 meters. Or, in something I like to call “English,”… Read More

  • VeeSee IPTV for Deaf Folks: See, IPTV Can Be Used to Fill Niches

    Look at that! Someone using technology for a good cause and not just to pump out more megapixels or whowhatsits per second. Going by the name of VeeSee, this Britian-based IPTV service (think Joost) caters to deaf people, with programming where British Sign Language is the lingua franca. The company felt there was a lack of deaf person-friendly programming on traditional TV programming to… Read More

  • Wi-Fi Could Be Dangerous To Your Health (But What Isn't?)

    The Independent has a nice doom and gloom piece today, reporting that Wi-Fi could be more damaging to your health than cellphones are (which assumes that cellphones are, in fact, dangerous). And since Wi-Fi is everywhere, we’re all at risk. Never mind that radio waves have saturated the atmosphere for many, many years now and I haven’t seen any zombies running around yet. The crux… Read More