Jake Winebaum explains how cutting his teeth as a serial entrepreneur led him to launch Brighter

Serial entrepreneur Jake Winebaum discusses the road to launch Brighter, his dental benefits startup.

Brighter Launches A New, Free Version Of Its Dental Service To Bring Affordable Care To The Uninsured

It was just about two years ago that Jake Winebaum (who had previously sold for $360 million) quietly launched <a target="_blank" href=""></a>, an onl

Brighter Lands $8 Million From Benchmark To Bring Affordable Dental Care To The Masses

It was less than three months ago that <a href="">Jake Winebaum</a> (the same guy who sold <a href="">Busine

From To Brighter, Jake Winebaum Introduces A DIY Dental Plan

<img src=""> It is no revelation that the healthcare payment system in America is broken. That includes dental plans, where an estima