brian hirsch

  • Ozobot raises $3 million for toys that teach kids coding basics off-screen

    There are many toys on the market today that promise to teach kids programming skills, and a good percentage require the use of a connected tablet or smartphone. At a time when parents are already struggling to keep kids’ screen time to a minimum, father and entrepreneur Nader Hamda wanted to build something different. He also observed a lot of expensive educational toys on the market… Read More

  • NYC Turing Fellows Drawing Top Tech Students To Big Apple Startups

    A group of venture investors and entrepreneurs who love the growth and potential of New York City’s startup scene, but think it could benefit from an infusion of talent, today launched an initiative to draw top tech students to the big apple. The NYC Turing Fellows program will grant scholarships to the brightest students in computer sciences and engineering from the U.S. and Canada… Read More