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Airbnb hires a global head of transportation

Airbnb has hired Fred Reid, the founding CEO of Virgin America, as its global head of transportation.

The Wing gets $75M from Sequoia, Airbnb

The female-focused co-working space has raised $117 million to date.

Amazon exec Dave Stephenson tapped to lead Airbnb to the public markets

Airbnb has poached another Amazon executive. This time, it's Dave Stephenson, who's been hired to lead its upcoming IPO as Airbnb's chief financial officer.

These are the most successful companies to emerge from Y Combinator

A look at the 20 most successful companies to come out of Y Combinator.

Mike Curtis, Airbnb’s VP of engineering, is leaving

Airbnb’s head of engineering will leave the company before the end of 2018 to pursue other projects and focus on his family. The news was first reported by The Information and later confirmed to

How Airbnb went from renting air beds for $10 to a $30 billion hospitality behemoth

Happy 10th anniversary Airbnb. When we first wrote about the company a decade ago, it was a spare website cobbled together by its founders for the low low price of $20,000. AirBed And Breakfast Takes

Airbnb CEO said company will ‘be ready to IPO next year’ but might not

Airbnb brings in billions of dollars of revenue annually and is profitable on an EBITDA basis, so many wonder if and when the home-sharing company will go public. At the Code Conference today, Airbnb

Airbnb launches payment splitting for group trips

In February of this year, Airbnb acquired social payments startup Tilt. Today, the fruits of that acquisition are being passed along to Airbnb users. Starting now, Airbnb users have the ability to spl

Airbnb is doubling down on China

Uber may have become the latest in a long line of Western tech firms to have failed in China, but fellow gig economy darling Airbnb is determined to succeed in the Middle Kingdom. Today, the company a

Airbnb pledges not to replace human community with AI

Airbnb wants to mold its hosts into a powerful organizing force, akin to a union, to advocate on its behalf with local governments around the world and to serve as an ideological rebuke to the advance

Airbnb offers free housing to people stranded by immigration order

In the midst of chaos caused by President Donald Trump’s executive order, which stranded refugees, students and green card holders in American airports, Airbnb is offering housing to those aff

Airbnb raising a reported $850M at a $30B valuation

Tech unicorn and sharing economy darling Airbnb has informed the State of Delaware that it’s raising another heap of cash. TechCrunch independently verified that Airbnb indicated in a 28 page

Airbnb hires former Attorney General Eric Holder to craft anti-discrimination policy

Here’s a sentence I never thought I’d write: former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is joining Airbnb to fight discrimination on the short term rental platform. Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky a

Airbnb, Proposition F And The Shared Hypocrisy Of Bay Area Housing

In California, a state built on the idealism and tacit cruelty of real estate capitalism, no one is innocent. That's no different with Airbnb and Proposition F, merely the latest of San Francisco's Br

Airbnb Hopes To Have Almost A Million Stays A Night By Summer

Over 500k people are staying in an Airbnb tonight. And the company hopes to have nearly 800k staying in one by this summer. CEO Brian Chesky gave these numbers at Code today, revealing his wide-eyed p

Airbnb’s Brian Chesky Will Be Our Guest At Disrupt SF 2014

Airbnb is valued at $10 billion. Behind it all is Brian Chesky, who along with co-founders Joe Gebbia and Nate Blecharczyk, has transformed the company from focusing on cheap airbed rentals to buildin

Airbnb Tests Cleaning, Key Handoff, Airport Transportation & Other Hospitality Services

Airbnb is trying to find new ways to encourage guests to stay at its listings, and that could include a whole new set of amenities. Thanks to the hiring of new head of hospitality Chip Conley, the com

Airbnb Launches New Mobile Apps, Introduces ‘Host Home’ To Provide Smarter Tools For Managing Listings

<a target="_blank" href="">Airbnb</a> is hoping to get more of its hosts and guests on mobile, as it has launched a "reimagination" of its iOS and Android apps. Today at an event

DLD 2012 – Brian Chesky: “Average Airbnb Host In NYC Pockets $21,000 A Year”

<a href="">Brian Chesky</a>, co-founder and CEO of <a href="">Airbnb</a>, took the stage this afternoon at the <a h

On Safety: A Word From Airbnb

<em><a href="">Brian Chesky</a> is the CEO of <a href="">Airbnb</a>. In this guest article he discusses the recent Airbnb user safety
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