Brett Goldstein

Launch House splits with law firm conducting its harassment investigation

It’s been a little over a month since Launch House, a buzzy venture-backed founder’s club backed by the likes of Andreessen Horowitz and Day One Ventures, publicly faced numerous allegations of ha

Launch House holds private town hall, says investigation is underway

In a town hall with some members of their community, Launch House addressed the harassment and assault allegations surfaced by a Vox Investigation earlier this week. The startup, backed by a16z and Fl

Startup accelerators’ definition of ‘value add’ is due for a refresh

Much has changed about the way launch pads for startups look, feel and show value today. The earliest investors are rethinking signaling risk, dilution and even the worth of a traditional demo day.

Launch House raises millions to launch houses (and the next big startups)

In May 2020, a trio of friends rented a home in Tulum, Mexico and invited their internet friends. The project was dubbed The Launch House, and the 18 entrepreneurs who came to live there had to do the