brett favre

  • Reviews: Apparently Madden NFL 09 is the best NFL game ever

    Watch the Jets go 2-14 this year, IGN Heads up, fans of American football. The reviews for Madden NFL 09 are now in, and damn near every publication loves it. 1UP, my Web site of choice for console game reviews (Edge magazine is my dead trees publication of choice) says this about the game, which it gives an A+: this is a football game that one-ups the stakes between the sidelines, and… Read More

  • EA updates Madden 09 cover art with Jets clad Favre

    If you’re a fan of the Madden franchise then I’m sure you were wondering what would happen with the 09 cover after Favre was traded from the Packers to the Jets and I wondered the same thing. What was EA going to do? Surely they wouldn’t send the game out with Favre clad in a Packers uniform, right? There’s a bit of discrepancy between what Kotaku and WhoamItosay… Read More

  • European Union considers lowering the price of text messages

    The European Union could do away with the high cost of text messages, something that’s near and dear to our hearts. The telecommunications commissioner there, Viviane Reding, wants to lower the rate that EU citizens pay for texts while roaming in different countries. She’s said that they should only have to pay between €0.11 and €0.15 per text while roaming, and only €0.034… Read More