• The Breitling Exospace B55 Is The Latest Luxury Smartwatch

    The Breitling Exospace B55 Is The Latest Luxury Smartwatch

    Breitling, maker of fine watches for people who fly airplanes (or would like to fly airplanes), has just released the Exospace B55, a smartwatch that can relay messages from your phone and includes a high-end quartz movement with advanced timing features. This isn’t a smart watch per se so I’m calling it a “notification” watch or notiwatch. Go ahead and laugh. Anyway… Read More

  • Breitling Releases The Emergency II, A Watch That Can Save You If You’re Trapped On The Island

    Breitling Releases The Emergency II, A Watch That Can Save You If You’re Trapped On The Island

    If trapped on a deserted island, you may want to spend months looking for the Pearl Station and figuring out the smoke monster, you could just pull the antenna out of the Breitling Emergency II and call in a rescue party. The original Emergency watch, designed in the 1990s, sent 121.5 MHz signal that could be heard by rescue craft within 100 miles of the watch. The new model also transmits… Read More

  • Breitling Superocean 44 Watches

    Last year Breitling came out with an entirely new Superocean watch. It featured a modern looking design in a smaller 42mm case. While a lot of people wanted a smaller Breitling diver, even more didn’t. So, just one year later, the Superocean II has been refreshed and enlarged. Now, for 2011, Breitling offers the Superocean 44. It comes in two versions: A three-hand, and a chronograph. Read More

  • Breitling Superocean Watch For 2010 Hands-On

    I don’t love all Breitling watches – far from it. Though I have always been a fan of the “new” Superocean watch collection, which for me ironically started with the Superocean Heritage watch collection. Be it the three-hand or the chronograph, those are awesome watches. Vintage watches tend to be smaller, but the vintage inspired Superocean Heritage was 46mm wide. Read More

  • New Breitling Chronospace Watch Hands-On

    First thing I thought of when I saw these new watches from Breitling was “wow, these are pretty big.” They even wear larger than their ‘mere’ 45mm wide steel case would suggest. Probably because the case is on the flatter, broader side of things. This is Breitling’s newest watch to bear the ETA SuperQuartz COSC Chronometer certified movement – in the… Read More

  • Breitling Seawolf Chrono: Truly waterproof

    Most watches are called waterproof but they’re really not waterproof. While most will keep water out if left untouched, if you try to engage the chronograph on most pieces the watch will become unstable and could let water in. Breitling has solved this problem by placing magnets on the pushers — the buttons, basically — and another magnet inside the movement. When you press… Read More