DrinkMate Is A Tiny, Plug-In Breathalyzer For Android Devices

Devices that plug into smartphones to augment the built-in sensors with additional smarts are continuing to make their way to market, many fueled by crowdfunding. Here's another contender aiming to ex

Use a fuel cell to see how drunk you are this holiday season

<img src="" alt="breathalyzer" title="breathalyzer" width="115" height="300" class="alignright size-full wp-image-126347" />Worried

Happy St. Patrick's Day from CrunchGear

Review: Keychain Breathalyzer + Flashlight

  Behold the Breathalyzer Keychain Car Gadget with built-in flashlight and stopwatch. It costs a meager $4.43 — far less than other breathalyzer gadgets — and it seems