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Breakout Ventures, spun out of Peter Thiel’s Breakout Labs, has closed its debut fund with $60M

Lindy Fishburne has spent most of the last six years heading up Breakout Labs, a program that's underwritten by Peter Thiel and that in 2011 began offering nascent science-focused startups funding wit

Breakout Labs backs 4 startups that are “reprogramming nature”

A venture fund that backs very early-stage advanced tech and science startups, Breakout Labs, has invested in 4 new deals, according to founder and Managing Partner Lindy Fishburne. The fund, which is

Peter Thiel’s Breakout Labs Funds “Nanostraws” And A Siri-Like Natural Language Processing Startup

Breakout Labs, a Peter Thiel-backed effort that supports startups doing cutting-edge research that might still be too risky to get traditional venture backing, just put capital into another two compan