• Confirmed: Microsoft cutting Jerry Seinfeld ads tomorrow

    We’ve confirmed with multiple sources that Microsoft will announce the second phase of their $300 million marketing campaign, which, unfortunately, axes Jerry Seinfeld. Waggener Edstrom confirmed the move tonight. According to WaggEd, Microsoft will spin it in a way that would make us believe that axing Jerry was the plan the whole time, which it is according to our sources out West. Read More

  • BREAKING: Next Dark Knight villians revealed

    Psych! These are just renderings from Aussie artist Josh McMahon, but wouldn’t it be awesome if they were real? Not a big fan of seeing another Catwoman anytime soon, but I’m down with Harley Quinn aka Dr. Harleen Quinzel. And like io9, I’d much rather see David Tennant aka Dr. Who as the Riddler than Johnny Depp. What say ye, dear reader? Read More

  • Breaking: Apple to launch iChat for Windows on Monday!?

    Follow me here. There’s a lot of discussion on Digg and other blogs (Hi, Ryan!) saying that these photos of the iPhone 2 are fake, and the part about a Windows XP or Vista requirement is proof. But look again: The Windows stuff is a footnote. And what’s it a footnote to? Look at the images above. It’s talking about iChat, and says “Now available for iPhone —… Read More

  • Breaking: Verizon Wireless to acquire Alltel for $28.1 billion

    The rumors floating around yesterday are true. Verizon Wireless has just announced that they will be acquiring Alltel for $28.1 billion. The acquisition should be completed by year’s end. Full release after the jump. Read More

  • Rumor: HTC being acquired by Sony Ericsson [Update]

    The Swedes are a bit confusing, but there’s a rumor going ’round that Sony Ericsson is busy acquiring HTC. Basically, Elektrnikiasfa;sfk;ajs;fjkasfasf called SE who said they were busy merging. Some how Palm is in the mix as well. We’ll get to the bottom of this. Update: I just heard back from HTC and the high level execs said there was no truth to the… Read More

  • Apple's upcoming sub-notebook to cost around $1,500?

    Two things here. First, it’s being reported on CNBC that Apple’s sub-notebook that’s supposed to be launched at Macworld next month "is expected to be priced aggressively at approximately $1500," according to AppleInsider. The device will be 50% thinner than the MacBook Pro, use NAND flash memory instead of a hard drive, and "it will definitively arrive at… Read More