• Nice total breakdown of a PS3

    Curious about what’s inside that big black box? No, not that one. Not that one either (it’s full of stars, obviously). The Sony one. Doubtless many of you want to know what its guts look like in extreme detail but are too cowardly to smash it open and see for yourself. Craven fools! You’re lucky there are sites like Hardware Secrets that are willing to do the dirty work for you. Read More

  • iPhone 3G breakdown: improvements under the hood

    Thanks to the wonders of the international dateline, the 3G iPhone came out in New Zealand today. The guys from iFixit got their grubby little hands on one and took it apart. Once they popped the thing open they saw that Apple combined the logic and communication boards, making more room for the battery. They also didn’t solder the battery on this time, so that will make it a snap to… Read More

  • iPhone Costs Apple $220 To Manufacture

    If you’re still in shock over the prices you actually paid for your iPhone then you should steer clear of this story. It could send you to the emergency room. Teardown firm, Portelligent, estimates that the cost of materials for the 4GB model is $200 and $220 for the 8GB model. These estimates don’t include the final build, but Apple has historically seen gross margins of 50… Read More