• The Ten Most Likely M&A Deals In Online Video

    Which online video companies will get bought in 2010?   Venture capitalists are desperately looking for exits while the usual suspects are sitting on more than $80 billion in cash: Microsoft ($20B), Apple ($40B), Google ($15B), Amazon ($3B), and Yahoo! ($3B) just to name the cash positions of a few potential acquirers.  Theoretically, it should be a match made in heaven, but the sheer number… Read More

  • Break Media Partners With Southern Comfort To Launch Social Sportz Net

    Break Media, a social video site for guys, is launching a new branded content project, called the “Social Sportz Net,” created in partnership with liquor brand Southern Comfort. The videos will consist of an original series of webisodes designed around the “uniqueness and versatility” of the popular spirit. The “Social Sportz Net” channel will cover… Read More

  •'s New Twitter Show: "As Long As Celebrities Continue To Be Stupid, I'll Mock Them"

    One of my favorite recent Twitter-related trends is the onslaught of jokes from late-night talk show hosts pointing out how laughably dull (or stupid) some of our favorite celebs’ tweets really are. Read aloud, even the most seemingly innocuous Tweets are often hilarious. Now, a video site heavily geared towards a male audience, is looking to get in on the action. The site… Read More

  • Calling All Dudes: Wants Your Fratastic Videos

    Just when it appeared that Web 2.0 may be abandoning the UGC ship for premium content,, a social video site for guys, is upping its budget to add more user generated content to the site. Through Break’s “stimulus package,” the site is increasing its investment in content purchased from its users and other amateur filmmakers by 50%., which had 3.8… Read More

  • 19,683 Tech Layoffs And Counting

    This has been a brutal month or so for tech layoffs. According to our Layoff Tracker, there have been 19,683 job eliminations at tech companies announced since mid-September, and we’re not even counting the 24,600 people at Hewlett-Packard who are being eliminated as a result of its merger with EDS. But only five big companies make up more than 90 percent of the layoffs: Xerox (3,000)… Read More

  • Launches Ad Network For Dudes

    At times lewd, geeky, disgusting, and most of the time funny, has managed to pull in an audience of 18 million unique visitors that stay an average of 7.5 minutes each session, says the company. (Comscore says 3.9 million uniques in the U.S.). They’ve also recently launched three new properties hoping to do the same: Cage Potato (covers ultimate fighting news), Chickipedia… Read More

  • Take a Break(.com) on VCAST, following in the footsteps of YouTube, is coming to Verizon’s V-Cast. is social video site targeted at men who like funny videos, games, and apparently inane banter in long comment threads. Although web standards are making a push onto your mobile phone (i.e. Safari, Android), V Cast, MobiTV, and SlingBox remain the few reliable ways to get video on your mobile phone. Read More